“Harmoniously so.” Just like the interplay of the sunset and the mountains of the desert, tinged with the slightest splatter of spring green, a road leading up to the sky. HARMONY depicts the simultaneous brightness and subtlety, and the harmony the two 'opposing' qualities create in a natural landscape. A cloud, the outline of a mountain – a path?- the sky, the changing colors of sunset, a dark cloud are all visible in the composition.

Artist Alex Maceda utilizes a process-driven approach that combines layers and layers of acrylic washes, water, and found materials from her desert environment to create simultaneously chaotic yet calming compositions that change as the viewer changes. Alex's process is ritualistic in nature, often employing sacred plants in prayer, some of which make it onto the compositions via ash or charcoal. Historically an oil painter, Alex created HARMONY as a part of her collection called "SUMA PINTA," the first collection of paintings in this new acrylic style.

Year                                 2022
Materials                       Acrylic and palo santo charcoal on raw canvas

Additional information

Dimensions Height 76 cm x Width 61 cm x Depth 3.5 cm.