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Alexandra (Alex) Maceda is a Filipina-American artist and writer based in the desert of Joshua Tree, CA. Her work explores emotional and spiritual themes via engaging and textural color compositions combined with freeform stroke. Process driven, Alex combines natural materials like rocks, plants, sand, and found objects from the desert environment she lives in with traditional oil and acrylic paints and solvents. Alex’s work blends the modern with the esoteric; as an early abstractionist in the NFT space, her explorations in the ‘abstract generative’ combined physical painting with digital code. Her canvases capture the tension between chaos and control, and the artist’s role as both hand and channel.


Education & Awards
BA, Classical Studies, Studio Art – Dartmouth College 2011
MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business 2018
Pushcart Prize Nomination for Writing “Purple is a Late Blooming Color” 2020

2022 In the Clouds Group Show, Dorado 806 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2022 State of the Atmosphere Group Show, Joshua Tree Art Gallery, Joshua Tree, CA
2022 Featured Artist, NFT Miami Conference
2022 Local Painter’s Show, Joshua Tree Distillery, Joshua Tree, CA
2022 Member’s Show, Joshua Tree Art Gallery, Joshua Tree, CA

2021 TMFA Group Show, Portland, OR
2021 TMFA Group Show, The Artist Tree, Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA
2021 TMFA Group Show, The Artist Tree, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

2020 SUPERBLOOM (solo), Frida Art Show, San Francisco, CA


Art is a vehicle through which I explore human nature: the rawness of pain, the elation of joy, the deepness of melancholy. Via abstraction, I hope to evoke emotional experiences in the viewer; the canvases are created from my personal experience but intended to be mirrors to your own. What do you see? What do you remember? And what does that tell you about yourself? Through abstraction, I seek to enter and explore the medial space, where things are sensed but not (literally) seen, and to make manifest those images into something accessible for viewers in this dimension.