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born in mexico city in 1983, at a young age he moved to the town of toliman where migration to california is part of the local society and for this reason he was decisive in learning about graffiti at a young age, this graffiti derived from the Chicano and cholo subcultures as well as the great curiosity for the drawing techniques displayed by his father, who is an amateur cartoonist, mark his beginning in the world of graffiti.

It is in this process that he comes to adopt the style that characterizes him today and continually seeks experimentation with new techniques and styles to nurture his style, which also leads him to create a social inclusion projector where his purpose is to create thematic murals and the rescue of the oral tradition.


Participation in graffiti events in Mexico at the national and international level from 1999 to the present date.

2006. Exhibition and exhibition of graffiti in the showcases of the Tacuba subway in the federal district, in coordination with the Secretary of Public Security DF.
2006. Collective exhibition “CONCILIATION WITH THE PUBLIC SPACE” at the León Trotsky museum in Mexico City
2007. “ARRANARTE 2007” 2007 2008.
2008 mural 50 meters by 5 meters in Avenida de los Gallos in the nursery of the NATIONAL POLYTECNICO, Mexico City.
2007. Collective gallery Alia2 Guadalajara.
2007. Collective Gallery “OUR ART THE URBANO” University of Guanajuato.
2007. Collective gallery at the Faro de Oriente Festival
Alia2 Iztapalapa Edo. From Mexico.
2008. Collective gallery in the city museum, Querétaro
2012. Participation as an international guest in the MEETIN OF STYLES event in the city of Quito in Ecuador.
2012. collective exhibition “SPRAY A LA MANO” city of Medellín in Colombia.
2012. Participation as a special guest in the 7th international festival “REVOLUCION HIP HOP” Guatemala
2016 exhibition in agua fuerte gallery in mexico city
2017 rullan gallery in mexico city
2018 biennial exhibition BIENALE WYNWOOD fl usa
2019 collective exhibition ARTFLAUDERDALE fl usa
2022 collective exhibition THIS HEART CONTAINS New York
2023 collective exhibition SURREAL NATURE Rio cuarto Argentina
2023 collective exhibition ART EXPO New York usa


The freedom that graffiti gives off from multiple faces makes us recognize a malleable and unique spectrum, with which I tune in without even having a structure but rather guided by connections between what the imagination projects and what space allows.


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