Serie Nigth Falls: : M.I. – Downtown V

This series represents those irascible curves of recent times, a time when life can be simply stable, time passes as if it were a slow movie, in black and white, the shocks and great joys seem not to come, the limitations are represented in the work of a single color, this time "black" representing sobriety, austerity and, at times, sadness; those circles that close and flow only inward with enormous depth, introduce us to those moments of loneliness and longing for all that we cannot reach today.
The strokes of strength are intended to be brushstrokes of positivity and movement, which are again limited by the size and purpose of the canvas. This series already denotes a tiredness of restrictions, represented in its color palette, its elegance and simplicity allows us to see a harmonious whole that generates calm in the viewer, time to simply look at the work and to be able to enter into his deepest being and seek that inner peace, which in these times we must.

Year                                 2022
Materials                       Acrilic on canvas

Additional information

Dimensions Height 180 cm x Width 90 cm.