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Ingrid Haubrich is a modern abstract artist, born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and partly raised in Punta del Este (Uruguay).

She studied at the School of Fine Arts in Almeria (Spain), where she currently lives with her husband and children, who, together with the sea, are her daily inspiration.

Her work has been supported by prestigious critics and media all over the world, and her exhibitions in Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, USA, Dominican Republic, Germany, Singapore, Indonesia or Malaysia, among other countries, continue to cross borders. Her “Mareas” (Tides) series advocates for environmental awareness and water sustainability. He actively collaborates in these causes with environmental foundations in different countries, and supports charitable causes, promoting education and art among children.


2005/07 Interior Designer. Escuela Bellas Artes. Almería, Spain.
2020 Postwar Abstract Painting. Moma NY, USA.
2020 Modern Art & Ideas. Moma NY, USA.

2022 Aston Martin Residence Miami, Florida, USA.
2022 Cosentino City Miami Florida, USA.
2021 IH Art Studio Almería, España.
2021 Casa Sur Madrid, Spain.
2021 Mª Bodegas Escudero Logroño, Spain.
2019 Cosentino City Miami Florida, USA.
2018 Hit Cowork Libertador. Bs. As. Argentina.
2018 Galería Mishkan. Bs. As. Argentina
2018 Galería Trino Tortosa. Almería, Spain.

2021 Festival Internacional Arte. Marbella. Spain.
2020 Museo Arte Moderno Almería, Spain.
2020 Volvo Almería Almería, Spain.
2020 Gallery Labs. New Haven. USA.
2019 Galería Sofía Balut Páez Vilaró. Punta del Este. Uruguay.
2018 Galería Trino Tortosa. Almería. Spain.

2021 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Sweden.
2021 Contemporary Art Ruhr Essen. Germany.
2020 Artist 2020 Madrid, Spain
2020 Art on Paper NY New York, USA
2019 Festival Mirá. Museo Borges. Bs. As., Argentina.
2019 Aqua Art Miami Florida, USA.

2021 Kaleido Miami, USA.
2020 Mater Academy Foundation Miami. Florida, USA.
2020 ReachingU Golf Tour. Punta del Este. Uruguay.
2020 London Supply Golf Tour. Punta del Este. Uruguay.
2019 SolidarizArte Roquetas de Mar. Spain.
2019 ReachingU Golf Tour. Punta del Este. Uruguay.
2019 London Supply Golf Tour. Punta del Este. Uruguay.
2018 SolidarizArte Almería. Spain.


My series are largely characterized by their size, their large challenging formats, which are the inspiration for each new work.

Works and series that seek to generate environmental awareness in the viewer, in the care of the environment, and that allow me to collaborate and be part of different environment and that allow me to collaborate and be part of different activities with solidarity purposes in favor of education, social equality and the planet, all this in different parts of the world.