Golden Vineyard

With geometric shapes and the allure of elegance, ‘Golden Vineyard’ depicts the growth of nature in it’s finest form. For Taryn, her passion is the nurturing of relationships and how ‘they intertwine through the vines of cultural association’ for the things we love in this world and what brings us all together in social settings with family and friends. From the intensity of the red grape and vineyards which stretch across Tuscany and the rest of the globe. How relationships form with the most beautiful aromas and delicacies of the red wine grape, the growth and vast tastes and varieties as well in the delicacy of a tea leaf, how it is harvested and the workmanship which goes into creating these delicacies which transform our own relationships of past, present and future and which have connected us all in so many forms, throughout time.

Year                                 2020
Materials                       Oil on canvas and 24 Carat gold leaf

Additional information

Dimensions Height 45.72 cm x Width 60.96 cm x Depth 2 cm.