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United Kingdom



Swanky, eccentric, and original – three adjectives to best describe the artwork of the English artist Taryn Jahme, which is rich in vibrant colours, playful themes, and abstract compositions of flowers, animals, and geometric and shapes. Taryn lives in London and writes children’s books which cultivate a passion for tea by teaching its history to her younger students. Above all else, she paints very special teapots capturing historical moments from places all over the world.

Painted with Winsor & Newton oils and 24-carat gold leaf, Taryn’s artwork derives its inspiration from her childhood experiences and her collection of paintings. Taryn’s father owned a tea farm where she learned all about the beauty of tea and started creating artworks about it from the age of seven. Exhibited on a shiny black background, Taryn’s work is prominent for its chromatic details and vivid depiction of glamour and delicate shapes, square, round and soft, with Pop-art themes and abstract compositions.

The real canvas for Taryn is the teapot itself, where the stories and subjects of all her paintings originate. She blends colours to create a synthetic experience, concrete and complete, reminding us of the importance of all events that bring people together, and the pretexts we use when we want to see those we love. Taryn captures this tradition with something very dear to her heart: a nice cup of tea.


As a growing artist, Taryn’s unique first collection of teapots have been exhibited in exquisite locations and galleries all over the world, from Casa Mila ‘La Pedrera’, Gaudi Room in Barcelona. Milan and Fuertuventura with M.A.D.S Art Gallery. Boomer Gallery in London, Tower Bridge. Thompson Fine Art Gallery in Switzerland.

Urbanside Art Gallery in Switzerland. Biennale Art Gallery in Venice. Taryn’s art has also been placed in a prestigious book in the National Library of Spain, ‘Madrid addition’, ANTHOLOGY V 2022, Guto Ajayu Cultural book showcasing some of the top artists in the world. Artist Close-Up Magazine have accepted Taryn into their International magazine to feature three artworks globally.

Galeria Azur now showcasing and selling Taryn’s work on their prominent website location on ‘Artsy’, with more exhibitions coming up. From here, Taryn has a dedicated, ongoing interest from galleries all over the globe from Tokyo to New York and many other wonderful opportunities emerging very soon. Taryn, in time, has won numerous awards showing her work nationally and internationally, privately and publicly worldwide.


“I feel that perhaps my intuition brought me to do these pieces of art from my deep passion for tea and how it brings people from all over the globe together, where enjoying tea is a ritual within millions of homes worldwide.”

Taryn Jahme