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Yana Kaplan discovered the collage method through extensive technical research and experimentation and extensive travel experience. Her work combines basic academic knowledge with a variety of contemporary materials. For example, instead of a white canvas, the artist uses prints or creates collages.
Constantly experimenting with techniques, colors, materials and presentation, Yana Kaplan is constantly looking for new tools, giving her works a multi-layered formal and conceptual load.
“I love playing with texture; it creates unique dynamics and volume on the canvas. The paintings evoke a desire to touch them; when the viewer’s hand touches them, they are filled with energy and become even more vibrant and textured.”


Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia

1993 – the art school. (5 years)

2001 – Tomsk State University, at the Department of Culturology, the direction “Fine arts”. (5 years)

2005- the professional courses “Computer graphics and web- design” in Tomsk State University of Management and Radio Electronics. (2 years)

2020 – Neuromarketing

Winner of the competition “Art.Excellence.Awards” 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal

2022 – participate in the group exhibition in the “All Russian decorative art museum”

2020 – solo virtual exhibition “Who made Who”

2018 – participate in the Fifth inter-regional academic exhibition «Against the stream» Less

2017 – participate in the group exhibition in the concept place “Primitive + design” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
– personal exhibition in the concept place “L’appartement” (Moscow)
– exposition in the Jewish Museum (New York, USA)


Creating art is my way of translating emotions and experiences into visual stories. Through vibrant colors and dynamic compositions, I strive to evoke curiosity and introspection in the viewer. My work is a reflection of the beauty and complexity of the human experience, inviting others to explore and connect with their own emotions.