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Olia Breva discovered her artist vision in her early childhood. At 8, she started her studies in an art club where one of her works was selected for the exhibition in Japan, and later entered an art school which she successfully finished 6 years later. Despite her calling for the art sphere, Olia got a Master’s Degree in Economics.

Yet her innate passion has always pulled her back to the artist pathway: Olia continued mastering her creative skills in the studios of academic artists, taking classes and practicing. She tries herself in various formats: painting, graphics, interior design, and architectural solutions.

Olia Breva is constantly evolving as an artist believing that self-development is the key quality for all creative professions. You can see her as an artist whose life is tightly connected with art, thirst for self-expression and constant search for forms and meanings.



12 – 29 October 2023
Cap St George Hotel & Resort
Paphos, Cyprus

Eternal Questions of an Eternal City
26 August – 09 September 2023
Armenian Women Museum
Gyumri, Armenia

Chapter 13
29 March – 5 April 2023
ArtKvartal, Yerevan, Armenia

The Treasure Hunt Story
6 – 20 December 2022
Bis Art Gallery, Winzavod, Moscow

Essence: Woman. Woman: Essence
6 – 17 October 2022
CUBE. Moscow, Moscow

Three States of a Soul
Retrospective exhibition of the 18-year period
14 September – 6 October 2022
Beriozka Gallery, Saint-Petersburg


Mediterranean Art Prize
5 – 13 August 2023
Monteserico Castle, Italy

Magic Pavilion
9 December 2022 – 15 January 2023
Beriozka Gallery, Saint-Petersburg

Contemporary, 4th Edition
Boomer Gallery, London
11-16 November 2022


Synergy Art Fair Miami
3 – 10 December 2023

World Art Dubai 2023
9 – 12 March 2023


Every artist constructs their own mythology, which serves as a coordinate system in their relationship with the world, revealing the emergence of their emotions, life circumstances, ideas and goals. This interaction resonates with the environment, giving rise to a synergy between the artist and the viewer. Olia Breva creates her own mythology exploring the theme of existential vulnerability in modern society, a significant philosophical challenge of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Olia Breva’s artworks encompasses Expressionism movement, ranging from Abstract expressionism to Expressionistic realism and Action Painting, which allow her to interpret human emotions to the fullest extent, from trauma to joy, sometimes unconscious. Stylistically she finds affinity with the origins of the movement drawing inspiration from artists such as Helen de Kooning (USA, 1918−1989) and Grace Hartigan (USA, 1922−2008), as well to her generation contemporaries — for example Derek Stefanuk (Canada, born in 1980).