< Nel Barral Sanchez



Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She has been artistically trained at the Andy Goldstein School of Photography (2010), as well as with Florencia Fernández Alonso and Paula
Rivero (2012-2013). She attended the workshops of Marcos Otero (2010), of Emile De Grazia (1998-2010), of the artist Juan Astica (2015)
and of Mónica Sartori’s sculptures workshops (2015). In 2020 she attends the workart clinic the Marino Santa María and in 2017 he
participated in the Substance Matter, Seminar of Eduardo Stupía (Torcuatto Di Tella University.
She currently attends the Sergio Bazán work art clinic.


Among its most relevant exhibitions, Art Expo NYC stands out. USA (2019), Spectrum Miami. USA (2018), Exhibition of Watercolorists.
French Alliance of Martinez. Buenos Aires, Argentina (2017), Belgrano Artists Exhibition. Plaza Castelli Cultural Center. Buenos Aires.
Argentina (2014), Home Gallery San Diego. USA (2014), Darwin Palermo Space. Buenos Aires. Argentina (2014), Group Exhibition. Borges
Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina (2013), Javier Baliña Art Gallery. Buenos Aires. Argentina (2013), Mosaik Gallery. Buenos Aires.
Argentina (2012)

Her artistic work has been present in various national and international art fairs: Affordable Art Fair NYC. USA (2023, 2022, 2021, 2019,
2016), BADA (2021, 2022) among others.


Each work carried out reveals a fragment of my artistic vision, challenging conventions and opening up new aesthetic
possibilities. Freed from constraints, paint takes on a life of its own as it blends and glides over the surface. The vibrant tones
intertwine, like invisible threads of energy, creating a dynamic composition full of movement.
The texture of the liquid acrylic adds depth and dimension to the work. The matter captures the light creating a magical
interaction between the painting and the observer. Light reflects off the layers of colors, revealing hidden nuances and subtle
reflections that invite visual exploration. Each canvas is presented as an enigmatic atmosphere, where brushstrokes and the
bold use of color evoke vitality and transformation, inviting us to explore our own imagination and contemplate the beauty
and fragility of the world around us.
This is how I look for the viewer to end up giving meaning to the image, inviting us to strip ourselves of established
categories, delving into our own subjectivity as an observer. Some will be able to feel a sense of joy and vitality, while others
will be able to find deep introspection or reflection on the chaos and harmony in life. I am interested in the capacity for
diverse stories that the work delivers, evoking a wide range of emotions and thoughts in those who contemplate it.