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Ever since I can remember I have been in love with art, graphic design and communication. I’ve found my way, my raison d’être, in combining pop art and street art. Using different media (collages, spray cans, markers, chalk, plaster…) on different surfaces (walls, wood, canvas or paper) I paint contradictions, vices and shortcomings of our society. My aim is to use images of popular culture emphasizing the banal and the absurd of the contradictions we live in, with some irony. Colors are key elements in my art, and I play with them to create combinations (most of the times by contrast) that claim and fight to have the attention. I use colors to give meaning and relevance to this or that element in the paint, according to the message I want deliver. I want people to stop by, and possibly think about the message.

I was born in 1976 and I’m a self-taught graffiti artist. I started putting my stencils, posters and stickers on the streets in late 90s, and I started creating and experimenting on canvases at the beginning of 2000s.

Today I work both with galleries,on murals projects and on self projects (which I support and fund selling paints, prints, limited screen printings edition).


04/2014 -> First Solo Show in Modena
04/2014 -> Solo Show in Milan Fuorisalone (Milano Design Week)
02/2015 -> 2nd Solo Show Modena, Stracaffè
04/2015 -> Solo Show in Milan Fuorisalone (Milano Design Week)
11/2015 -> Solo Show in Milan
12/2015 -> Someday … Solo Show Modena, Calle 9
02/2016 -> Someday… Solo Show in Milan Fuorisalone (Milano Design Week)
10/2016 -> WornOut… Terminator Gen, Solo Show in Modena
06/2017 -> Art Basel – The Art Box Project Collective Show (semifinalist at the competition)
03/2018 -> Art Box Project – New York Collective Show (semifinalist at the competition)
05/2018 -> Popping Gum – Solo show Modena
02/2019 -> Bottega Del Rinascimento – Collective Show – Abate Road
09/2019 -> Festival della Filosofia, Modena – Collective Show – Abate Road
11/2019 -> Who Is To Blame For The Riots – Solo Show Modena
08/2020 -> Popping – Carpi Space Gallery
07/2021 -> Never Mind I Will Live Forever – Vienna The Stainer Gallery
11/2021 -> Pop Manifesto – Milano Bit Gallery
12/2021 -> Red Dot Miami – Art Basel – The Stainer Gallery
01/2022 -> Popping – Golf Country Club Modena
03/2022 -> Collective Show – ArtNumber23 Gallery – Athens
12/2022 -> Red Dot Miami – Art Basel – The Stainer Gallery (Wien)
01/2023 -> Paris Art Fari art3f- Paris – Monat Gallery (Madrid)
02/2023 -> Circularity – Modena – Galleria Delle Arti(Modena)
04/2023 -> Day Dreams – Madrid – Monat Gallery
08/2023 -> Kaleidoskope – Madrid – Monat Gallery


“We all die, the aim is not to live forever but do to do something that will”. This is the quote that better describes
me, and the ambitions of my work as an artist. Not a personal success, but rather a world wide recognition of my
In line with Situationist International’s movement I want to catch the attention with the unexpected and I want to
astonish and make people think over the topics of my paints.
Each piece of art (may it be a paint, a fine art print, a sticker or a mural) has his own history based on the project
it belongs to, and therefore it has a message.
In my work I sum up Streetart free expression, to consumerism imagery (advertising, comics, commodities)
largely used in Pop Art. I don’t have just one tecnique, but I try to adapt the tecniques according to the project,
the idea and the surface. I mainly use spray cans, markers, acrilic colors, plaster, woood and collages on canvas
or wood.
In addition to Streetart, Pop Art and Stituationist International movement, I draw inspiration from Bauaman
liquid medernity definition and Nietzsche eternal recurrence concept. These elements allow me to always grow on
a personal level and with my carear as an artist because everything, even failures, are meaningful experiences and
nothing can limit me and my ambitions.