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Years before, on my bike and backpacking trips in Spain and South America, I learned to trust my intuition and experienced moments when I couldn’t have been closer to nature and myself. While working as a creative therapist, I then observed how Intuitive Painting triggered inner processes in my clients, but also I rediscovered the treasure in my artist heart that had been dormant for many years. I had to put these messages of nature on canvas in order to return again and again from the outside to my inner being and to perceive what I really want. With the birth of my first son, I devoted my time and energy completely to my children and abstract art. Today I see my artwork as a medium to remind the viewer of their deepest needs, longings and desires. My children made me understand that it’s not about being perfect or judging yourself for what you’re doing. I realized that I do something because I HAVE to do it. And that means ART.


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My art is a reflection of my fascination with nature. It finds expression in my works and reminds us that everything that surrounds us influences us. Whether consciously or subconsciously. Whether it’s people, plants or works of art. These abstract landscapes that I put on canvas are meant to remind you of those moments in nature when you feel exactly who you are and what you need. What your deepest needs and longings are. Recurring elements in my paintings are particular textures. Cracks in the earth that give space for a new seed that promises growth. Rock walls, the plant world…nature not only inspires me, but it is also a part of my art: sand, charcoal, chalk, marble dust, swamp lime are natural materials with which I bring special textures into the painting and create depth.