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Independent artist, has carried out numerous individual and collective exhibitions, cultural manager, art teacher and graphic designer, is currently dedicated to his artistic work, lives and works in his country of origin El Salvador, his work has been recognized on several occasions At national and international level.


Bachelor of Plastic Arts Specialty in Painting.
Selected to represent El Salvador in the Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada, by the Textile Museum of Canada in June 2015. Selected Al compés del tiempo, Museo Marte, 2012 – 216. Artist of the month, May 2011 Museo MARTE From El Salvador. Honorable Mention SUMARTE Latin American Art Auction MARTE Museum 2009. Honorable Mention SUMARTE Latin American Art Auction MARTE Museum 2008. VI Promerica El Salvador Biennial Award. Selected to participate in the VI Biennial of Visual Arts of the Central American Isthmus 2008. Glifo de Plata IV Art Biennial Paiz El Salvador 2007. 1st place Palmares Diplomat 2006. 2nd place VII Prize for painting Young Cultural Center of Spain, 2006. Outstanding student School of Arts University of El Salvador, 2006.

2023 Steady ride, Octavia.
2019 Extinction, Gray Gallery 86 El Salvador
2014 Mamas Art Cafe San Francisco California.
2014 Latent extinction, Esperanto Restaurant. 2010 Painting Gallery 1-2-3.
2009 The thought of man Bird Gallery 1-2-3 Zona Rosa San Salvador El Salvador.
2008 Sunflowers and other characters. Shape Museum. The Savior.
2008 Emigrated. Casa Alegre, Usulutan.

2020 Central American Painters Vienna Am Park Gallery
2019 Co-Work by Norbert Guthier Germany.
2019 Contemporary Art in Prague, Latin Galery.
2019 Central American Art in Rome February.
2018 Co-Work by Norbert Guthier Los Angeles CA.
2018 Central American Art in Vienna. Am Park Gallery.
2010 Face And Cabezas Contemporary. The Voice That Reaches You III Cara and Cabezas Contemporary. Kansas City, exhibitor and artist residency.

2020 Auction of Latin American art Juannios Guatemala.
2019 Art in May, Rosas Botran Foundation.
2018 Art in May, Rosas Botran Foundation.
2014 Solitudes, CC Spain El Salvador.
2014 Contemporary Dialogues Senses Gallery ES
2012 Spaces situations and (of) Constructions. Allegro Gallery Panama.
2012 Relational Joy, House taken CC Spain El Salvador.
2010 Roses Auction Botran Guatemala.
2010 Engraving as a pretext, Thinking backwards. The Savior,
2009 Young Art Award. The Savior.
2008 Selected to represent El Salvador Central American Biennial.
2007 IV Paiz El Salvador Art Biennial.


Work that refers to the extinction of the form, extinction of the animal, extinction of life, feeling or the masses, generalized extinction. why not express it with paintings of large, strong animals that impose, but at the same time we are killing them, we are extinguishing them in one bullet. You have suffered and enjoyed many changes and improvements over time, to the point of being able to kill such a large animal with a simple kiss and beautiful as an elephant, an animal similar to man, both live in masses, masses called societies, both mourn the death of a loved one. But, there is the difference that we as humans kill for pleasure, we extinguish others.