< Barbara Marcinkowska



Many years ago, I felt an urge for artistic creation. I experimented with a lot of different mediums until I found myself in painting. From the very beginning, however, I felt that what I was looking for was utterly “my” art – without imposed techniques and forms, full of freedom, beyond defined styles. I dared to fully show the world my expression. I paint what I see and feel, not what is.
Images come to me spontaneously. I stand in front of the canvas, pick up a brush, choose the paint and let myself be inspired. My greatest source of inspiration is through my travel and the nature I visit. Nature combines colors in an amazing way. Regardless of whether it is a color palette of Asia or Poland in winter, the colors arouse great emotions in me. After returning from a journey, I later find these newly recognized color combinations in my paintings.
The paintings present the world around us, but not seen by most. They show the energy which surrounds us, that we live and walk through daily. It connects the present to our past. The world is full of life that we take for granted daily and it surrounds us all. It is the air we breathe, taste and smell. The paintings are a doorway between what our eyes see and what they do not. The colors of energy encompassing us all connecting everything.


Exhibitions :

-CRYSTAL SILENCE   8.12.2022 – 2.01.2023 Madrid     Galeria AZUR  Madrid
-INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY  ART FAIR  PARIS    27.012023 – 29.01.2023 Paris VAN GOGH  Art Gallery
-(UN) FAIR MILAN  2023   3.03.2023 – 05.03.2023 Milan VAN GOGH  Art Gallery
-INTERVAL   8.05.2023 – 23.5.2023  Madrid VAN GOGH  Art Gallery  M
-INTERCONNECTING LINES  11.07.2023 – 17.07.2023   New York City   ARTIO Gallery
-ISPIRAZIONE       18.07-2023 – 01.08.2023    Madrid VAN GOGH  Art Gallery