< Stein Smaaskjaer




My personal relationship with art is just that, personally. It is a craft and a profession with long traditions … from the huge cave paintings in Lascaux to the street artists. We all have a quest to express ourselves visually. We are storytellers on an equal footing with writers and musicians.

I will never forget my first encounter with both the big world and also my insight into art. I was nineteen years old and had just started my art studies at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. One of the first things we did was visit the National Gallery of Art. There they were all, and they have followed me ever since; Rotko, Pollock, Rauschenberg, DE Kooning, Rivers, etc. It was decisively a crucial meeting.


<p>Education:</p> <p>1996-97 Studio Arts Centers International, Firenze, Italia</p> <p>1994-97 Art Institute of Southern California, Laguna Beach, USA</p> <p>1990-93 Corcoran Collage of Art and Design, Washington DC, USA</p> <p>1987-98 Merkantilt Institutt -Graphic Design, Norway</p> <p>Exhibitions (Excerpts)</p> <p>Galleri Nobel, Oslo, Norway</p> <p>Gallerii, Tønsberg, Norway</p> <p>Gulden, Drammen, Norway</p> <p>Galleri Arctandria, Oslo, Norway</p> <p>Tromsø kunstforening, Norway</p> <p>Hamarøy kunstforening, Norway</p> <p>Tønsberg kunstforening, Norway</p> <p>Ettinger Gallery, Los Angeles, USA</p> <p>White Wall Gallery, Washington DC, USA</p> <p>Studio San Gallo, Firenze, Italia</p>