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NO, a self-taught intuitive artist based in the Netherlands. Her roots are reaching back to a family full of creators in Turkey. In fact, she has been awarded several times in Art Contests in the childhood years. In the early adult ages she studied finance and moved to the Netherlands to pursue her finance career until she met Intuitive Art. Since then, she cannot stop creating daily basis as a meditative spiritual practice in traditional and digital ways. At the same time, she has been sharing her journey on social media and earned recognition of private collectors and galleries worldwide.



She draws inspiration from the authenticity of the process and the wide range of media she depicts on canvas. She uses each act of her on canvas as a guide to the unique destination of the creation. She checks in her emotional base and tries to become “one” with the work itself. Therefore, she sees herself also as a “medium” in the uniqueness of every single work.Her paintings are happy and vibrant productions of sophisticated creating process as a spiritual practice. She mainly works with Mixed Media, her search for appealing materials as media is also part of her practice.