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Fransie Malherbe Frandsen is a fine artist, writer and illustrator. Fransie was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She earned qualifications in art and graphic design in South Africa, Denmark and the United Kingdom. In addition, she spent a year as a guest student at the Danish design School in Copenhagen and subsequently completed a post-graduate in Art Psychotherapy in England, where she worked as an art psychotherapist for several years. Fransie currently lives and works from her studio in Geneva, Switzerland.


In the past three years, Fransie has exhibited her work in a solo exhibition in London and she has subsequently taken part in many exhibitions in European cities such as, London, Milan, Genoa, Barcelona and Geneva. Her work was included in “Art Anthology” that was recently published in Madrid in 2022. In March this year she will exhibit her work during a solo exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.


Fransie’s art takes inspiration from her exposure to many cultures as well as from her experience in working with marginalised individuals as an art psychotherapist. Through her work, Fransie strives to bring to light and to provoke thought, concerning those issues dismissed by society. Adding 3D objects, allows her to communicate with the viewer through an alternate dimension. Fransie’s work can best be described as Artivism.

Fransie has also successfully written and illustrated a series of children’s books.