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Ellen Armer King, a native of California is an accomplished artist, a creative educator, mentor and is an inspirational advocate to students and fellow artists alike. With a rich understanding of line, texture, luminosity and color she consistently strives to uncover the many layers in each subject she paints. King accomplishes this with great success by using and recycling her art and using different mediums such as oil, acrylic, chalk pastel, collage and colored pencil. “I want the viewer to feel the urge to reach out and touch each piece of art and therefore, feel the connection between themselves and the work before them”.



I love opposition and resolution. My use of metallic paint with chalk pastel began this exploration.The pearlescent glow of metal, the sensitivity of floral blooms seem in opposition to each other until realizing they both spring from the earth. They work together in perfect harmony. Collage, the layering of exquisite handmade papers enhance the beauty. This is my process, please enjoy.