< Daniel Marcoux


Improvising with free bold strokes, like the action painters of the fifties were enthusiastically doing while exploring new ways to push the boundaries of creativity. Painting with focus, energy and freedom. The sources of my inspiration are impressionism, lyrical abstraction, abstract expressionism (Riopelle, Pollock, Ferron, de Kooning, etc). I sometimes tend to leave my work unfinished, for it to breathe, and to leave it unresolved, as it often happens with life’s events. It’s important for me to give free reins to my inspiration, to keep the enthusiasm. Thus my work is not formatted, and not done with marketing in mind. My inspiration is free and my artwork might move in different and unpredictable directions. Where does inspiration come from? Is it from me, or is « me » blocking the inspiration? How can the canal for creativity be wide open?

I worked in and around art all my life (graphic design, theatre, photography, etc) and moved about quite a lot (Europe, America, Asia…). After spending some time working with technology (3d animation, teaching drawing on computers) I found that technological artworks did not move me. I rediscovered the pleasure of using the body in creating art and the quality and beauty of the imperfection of human gesture. I enjoy the accidents that happens during creation and that are part of the process.

Even thought I long for tranquility and the love of peace found in nature, for some reasons often my paintings end up being quite the contrary, with much energy and action in them. It seems that the opposition between what I long for and the experience and pace of the big cities that I lived in is a generator of creativity.



We’re just sparks travelling briefly through the universe, let’s enjoy some beauty along the way.