1.  Both shipping and packaging of the works are under the responsibility of the artist. Please, pay special attention to the packaging to ensure that the art you’re sending gets here securely.

2. We recommend pasting a label on the packaging/box indicating the NAME OF THE EXHIBITION you are participating in.


3. Add a label with the name of each artwork, for our records and reference. Please, don’t forget to name every work on its back and indicate its proper orientation if necessary.

4. Before sealing the package make sure that all artwork has its name on the back. In the case of an “Untitled” work, you must indicate “Untitled + reference code” (artist’s choice) for correct cataloging.

For example: “Untitled. Reference:0040” (the reference must be unique and not coincide with any other work by the artist).

5. It is preferable that the direction (orientation) of the text written on the back coincides with the direction in which the work should be hung. (If the works do not have correctly indicated the orientation to be exhibited, the gallery cannot be responsible for the correct mounting of the work for the exhibition.)

6. Mark each artwork (back) with your name, and show you are participating.

7. Contact Mail Boxes Etc 0001 for a shipping quote and assistance. They usually advise artists on which company is more convenient depending on the country where they are located. They will take care of the logistics and, customs procedures.

Contact: Grzegorz Mlynczyk
Phone: + 49 30 7677 5280

* Mail Boxes Etc 0001 is a worldwide shipping management franchise and Galería Azur is not associated with them. Hiring and choosing a courier is the responsibility of the artist. GALERIA AZUR limits itself to sharing the information that, according to its experience, guarantees as much efficient management as possible, allows the artist to reduce shipping costs, save time and avoid complications with the works and their care during transit.

**If you decide to ship on your own, the preferred companies for efficiency are DHL and FedEx.

*** It is not possible to store the cardboard boxes in which the artworks arrive. When the artworks are returned to the artists, Mail Boxes Etc 0001 professionals will professionally pack the artworks for their return.

In case you decide to work with a different company, we can pack it for an additional cost (between 20and 40€ depending on size).

8.  The artwork must arrive ready to be exhibited. If the Gallery must send the works to be mounted on frames:

– This procedure must be authorized previous to the shipping
– The artist will be provided with the details of the frame house (telephone, email, reference contact), and the artist will make the arrangements with the frame house, including payment.
– The gallery will only be responsible for taking the canvases and picking them up. It will be involved neither in the choice of the type of work nor its supervision or payment of the service.
– Framing shops take a few days to complete the service. In order to complete this procedure in time, it will be necessary to send the works at least three to four weeks before the date on which the exhibition begins.

9. The payment of the Customs duties levied for the importation of works is the responsibility of the artist.

10. It is recommended that the value of the works to be declared is the production cost since the tax applied by the Customs Department is proportional to the value of the object being shipped. We recommend a maximum value between 60€ and 150€ to avoid high tax charges, corresponding to the materials costs.

11. It is also advisable to declare the works as artistic reproductions, and not as works of art or products for sale since this description can bring confusion to Customs and lead the package to be held in Customs. Also, it is mandatory to add an official Value Declaration and Authentication of the artwork if it’s declared as a work of art or a product for sale.

12. Important Information for the COURIER:

María Stola, Galería Azur (private individual)
Karl-Marx-Allee 62, 10243, Berlin, Alemania
Phone number: +49 221 37050198
E- mail:
Contact person: Vedran Škiljić / Maria Stola
Reception hours: from 12:30 – 6 pm

13. The following information must be sent to the gallery once the shipment has been processed for proper tracking and reception. Please send to

– Courier Name
– Tracking Number
– Country of Origin
– Sender’s Name:
– Number of Packages and Measurements in Centimeters (height x width x depth):
– Quantity of artworks sent:
– Estimated weight (in kg):
– Additional documents regarding the declaration of the works (if any).


Personal information(Required)