Your Majesty

This is a high quality limited edition print on canvas of ‘Your Majesty’ collage, that was originally made on a paper out of more than 200 hand-cut petal elements from VOGUE magazine. Thanks to high-quality printing technology, the details and colors of the work are reproduced absolutely accurately and the quality of the canvas reflects all the shades of the original. Excellent colours and deep, rich blacks, allows the essence and the soul of arwork be expressed. ‘Your Majesty’ is about discovering and diving into the savage beauty of human nature. Dangerous, dark, seductive, intense, provocative, violent, yet highly attractive. Limited edition canvas print gives an exclusive opportunity for a viewer to experience deep emotions in a form of artwork. •Sold unframed. •limited edition of 99 artworks, 11 available •Stretched canvas (370gsm). Ready to hang. •Coated with two layers of professional spray that provides extra protection from dirt, fingerprints, moisture, and fading caused by UV rays. •Titled and signed on the back, comes with the certificate of authenticity. •Ships in a cardboard box.

Year                                 2022
Materials                       VOGUE magazine on paper

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