World in Harmony

This textile artwork captures the essence of a world where discord and division give way to unity and understanding. Handcrafted with intricate details, it symbolizes the interwoven threads of existence, where every color, every shape, and every texture plays a unique role in creating the tapestry of harmony.
The vibrant threads and textures in "World in Harmony" serve as a visual ode to the potential for unity, peace, and love to prevail. It invites us to envision a world without wars, where humans are driven by a collective understanding of their shared journey on this planet.
"World in Harmony" is not only a work of art but a beacon of hope. It encourages us to nurture the aspirations that reside deep within our hearts, reminding us that the dream of a harmonious world is not beyond our grasp. With each thread, we weave the possibility of a world where love and understanding prevail, fulfilling the purpose of our shared existence.

Year                                 2021
Materials                       handmade felt and hand embroidery on Panama cotton canvas

Additional information

Dimensions Height 90 cm x Width 80 cm x Depth 3 cm.