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Storytelling: She as a peacock spirit lives and protects this paradise landscape. The local man is her lover. He was born at the village nearby and has commuted through this mountain and valley all his life. He brings logs and raises a herd of cows in his farms for milk and food. In the morning he will take his herd of cows to eat by walking through the valley. On the lunch break he will have his sandwich box he packed in the morning. Afternoon if the weather permits, he will walk further to his friends before going back to his premise. It is a repetition of his ordinary routine. And every day the peacock spirit will be watching him on his route. She protects him when he fights the wild animals or gets trapped in the storm.
♠ I want to show the ordinary aspect of life. It is painted with overlaid techniques that I am inspired by Francis Picabia, a French avant-garde painter.

Year                                 2021
Materials                       Acrylic-gouache on canvas

Additional information

Dimensions Height 60 cm x Width 80 cm x Depth 4 cm.