Fantasy is the cornerstone of Klaus Bröking’s art. It allows to dare, to give voice to his creative mind and concreteness to his thoughts. This unshakable loyalty to himself and to his inspiring “muse” is in all respects an act of courage. The irrepressible inspiration that resides in Klaus’s artworks has the immediacy of those who have always experienced art as a natural and spontaneous mode of expression. The WalkingOnSunshine series – admired on the occasion of the exhibition Orizzonti Trasversali – allows the observer to enter a kaleidoscopic and multiform universe, in constant change. The minutiae in every single detail pervades every centimeter of the canvas, with a sort of frenetic horror vacui that captures the attention from the first glance. And at this point Klaus takes another step in defining himself as a complete artist. If fantasy was the foundation of his creative nature, he also leads the viewer to exercise this capacity of imagination when approaching the artwork. The artist, in fact, creates a colorful world full of fantastic creatures without providing a unique interpretation. He lets himself be surprised by his own imagination, and seems to wish the same for the observer. Precisely for this reason, the series presents the same work rotated on all four sides. Just there is no presupposition of only one way of interpretation, equally there is no right or wrong to look at the work. Indeed, the artist suggests new points of view, new perspectives that give shape to details hitherto hidden.Klaus Bröking’s experiment gives life to a work that is both multiple and unitary, endowed with a polysemantic and cryptic language, inaccessible to everything except the imagination.

Art Curator Chiara Rizzatti There is also a painting of the same size on the back.

Year                                 2022
Materials                       Acrylic and water pencils on wooden board

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions Height 30 cm x Width 40 cm x Depth 0.5 cm.