Untitled. Porta from the Series Renascere

“PORTA” (from Latin, “puerta” – door)
Porta in Latin means door. Shaping one’s own life is the proposal of this work, which presents a body that gives birth to itself and, therefore, forms itself in the same way. Struggling and taking advantage of the malleability of clay, that is, the nature of one’s own nature, it is the hands that shape the limbs, torso, and the rest of the figure.
The idea that human beings come from clay is a notion present in various ancient cultures around the world, from Egyptian and Greek to Judeo-Christian.
In “Porta”, everything emerges from a vessel symbolizing a vulva, and the cyclical becomes omnipresent in the recurrence of generating the channel of life, the opening door to the outside world, and the potential of the body that sprouts from that portal.
The strength of the work lies in not defining but traversing that path of repetition and persistent life.

Year                                 2023
Materials                       Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper

Additional information

Dimensions Height 28 cm x Width 38 cm.