Untitled. Cineris from the Series Renascere

“CINERIS” (from Latin, “ceniza” – ashes)
Like a Moebius strip, “Cineris” moves from life to death and from death to life. It does not define what happens first because, in cyclical terms, there is no beginning or end. To burn, to consume oneself and the resurge, undergoing transformation, is part of the symbolism and metaphor of this work. Ash represents the destruction and disappearance of something old to make way for something new and revitalized. In “Cineris”, a renewed body emerges, which is not different from the one that was incinerated, but also not the same.
The work manifests the transience of life and, at the same time, the small deaths that each human undergoes throughout it.

Year                                 2023
Materials                       Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper

Additional information

Dimensions Height 28 cm x Width 38 cm.