Trecut, prezent

We are moving with dizzying speed towards a future that we are trying to control. We are going through a present that we want to frame in well-established programs, as in some perfectly outlined forms. We don't allow ourselves to feel and live our authentic self, copying down to the smallest gesture, those who appear on the big screens. We let the connection with our past and nature die. This connection means life, being the source of the energy of every thing, not just of man. We lose our essence, we lose ourselves. (Mihaela Bozariu)
This is a unique painting, it will not be reproduced. The source of inspiration was the meditation on the attitude of the man of this century.

Year                                 2022
Materials                       Acrylics on canvas

Additional information

Dimensions Height 40 cm x Width 30 cm x Depth 1.5 cm.