Touching the other side

Wood and wine, they are a good combination in the mind.
Splendid triumph they cheer with the glass of wine.
The sweetness soothes the taste of tongue, heart and mostly the satisfaction.
People drink them as ritual, social, personal interest and likeness.
Never admit the addiction of the taste, its beauty takes them to ecstasy.

She drinks the dark purple water. The thirst is fulfilled. The water pouring is endless. The night runs slow as usual. The sunlight hides secretly behind the moon and other planets during its circulation. The truth is getting out in ease. Rotting away the pain, the ache, the craziness, she expose to her villain. The demon supports her companion. Happening so fast, the moon stepped aside, the morning light returned. What just happened last night? She woke up in her shorts and t-shirt last night.

Year                                 2023
Materials                       Acrylic-gouache on canvas

Additional information

Dimensions Height 70 cm x Width 50 cm x Depth 4 cm.