Touch the missing spot

This painting was made from the juxtaposition of two images, one with the hands and another the background with the hair. The first one, is a paused frame of woman masturbating in a porn video. Valeiva capture de moment when she was exposing her vulva.

For the creation of the painting, Valeiva remove the vulva and used only the hands for the representation, as the hands talk from themselves. This image was all about fluids, and in order to create this fantasy imaginary, she introduce the hair floating on water, the same hair that appears on another one of the pieces of the Orchidarium series: Fading Skin. This hair was a zoom close from the record of a performance, when she was submerged on the bath tub naked.

Year                                 2019
Materials                       Oil on canvas

Additional information

Dimensions Height 100 cm x Width 100 cm x Depth 3 cm.