The Widow

This acrylic belongs to the collection Up Sixties, about the relationship of the Old People with the State, the Family and the Death. I show an instrospection sight at the reality around old age and aging. Here the wisdom, tenderness and longing of the old people prevail. The cult of death is extensive. In the wakes of the north coast of Peru, in the middle of pain, relatives prepare coffee and sandwiches for the mourners, and for those who wake up, chicken soup. When the Christ rises, which is between 7 or 15 days, a meal is made. This is often “Seco de cabrito”. While the widow cries dressed in black, like the mourners, the men usually wear white shirts and black pants. At night, they remember the best anecdotes of the deceased and drink some liquor. In some areas of Sechura, it is still customary to pay the mourners to cry during the burial. Over time, the widow will be seen to be more cared for, she will even find time to travel and visit her friends. It is said that the husband in life pulled a lot of energy. It may be true, as it is that in many patriarchal societies, a woman’s entire life revolves around the man, her lover, her boyfriend, her husband.

Materials                         Acrylic on canvas

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