This is a series of 3 Paintings, titled: THE VOICES WITHIN
We all experience them – The Voices Within. These are derived from one’s own frame of mind in different scenarios. Therefore, the tone, mood and volume of these voices-within varies, but they are always there. It can be a conflicting dialogue with oneself or even a serene monologue. Inspired by Jackson Pollock’s drip painting style, this series of paintings symbolically reflects a few moods from these Voices Within.

The black drip on black canvas here suggests calmer voices – an inner peace. A monologue as opposed to a dialogue – a balance between the inside and the world around us – with no conflicts or extremities within. The ultimate inner state which one strives for in this otherwise chaotic world.

Year                                 2023
Materials                       Acrylic on Canvas

Additional information

Dimensions Height 150 cm x Width 150 cm x Depth 3.5 cm.