The odd one in

In Covid’s pause, escaping from boredom and madness, I spent my time in isolation accompanied by Alicia. We re-created our proper wonderland. While I painted, she used to offer me some tea. Our talks were deep and vibrant. We used to ask ourselves: is it the spirit that sustains the body, or is it the body that determines such entelechy?
Immersed into the illusory woodland we lived in with Alicia in those dystopic times, I painted these abstract artworks looking for answers. The combination of unexpected colors, in vibrated union with life and hope, escapes boredom and hopelessness.
They are emancipated spirits that acquire their own form, to express their mood. They are bodies that blur, losing their certainties and cohabiting their own rules of coexistence, trying to give meaning to what is not understandable, incomplete, or complex.
These artworks, connected to optimistic childish feelings, and the very act of painting them, are the irrefutable proof of my existence in unstable times.

Year                                 2020
Materials                       acrylic

Additional information

Dimensions Height 150 cm x Width 150 cm x Depth 4 cm.