The Night Is For The Monkeys

This acrilyc belongs to Selva Fauna Project about Amazonian nature and the “humanity” of its animal species. These have a gesture that is typical of their species, of their peculiar way of being in the world, but that at the same time appeals to and reflects our humanity. In the myths of the Amazon there is constant talk of a mythical era in which humans and beasts spoke a common language and where the borders between humanity and animality almost did not exist and were even sometimes invisible. Night monkeys are vulnerable primates, science experiments with them because they have an immune system similar to that of man. They sleep at dawn and at night they go out to hunt in groups of 6 to 8 members. They are small in size, with smooth skin and a long tail that helps them move through dense vegetation. Night monkeys are gray and brown in color, but have a characteristic orange color on their chest that distinguishes them from others of their species. They have huge eyes with dilated pupils with monochrome vision. They live in the treetops, communicating with each other by a wide variety of sounds. If one day you travel at night through the rivers of the jungle, you may be able to see their curious and bright eyes peeking through the tangled vegetation. The first time I heard of the musmuquis was in a bar of the same name in Iquitos whose slogan is: “For nocturnal animals”

Year                                 2019
Materials                       Acrylic on canvas

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