The Journey #2

Is part of the series “The Journey” that contains layers and layers of paint and emotions. Every layer is painted on a different day, some times takes months.

This series represents the antagonist place to rushing, to immediate gratification and to fast results.

Every day there is something different to feed – an emotion, an experience, a thought, a memory, a feeling, a frustration – all translated in a colour.
The result of every journey is the result of mix of colours – that may are there or may not, but that in fusion there is never the same.

The thread is the sense of the soul present in the journey, it movement, it flow and the continuity in time.

Year                                 2022
Materials                       Acrylic painting and hand embroidery on 100% cotton paper

Additional information

Dimensions Height 39.5 cm x Width 28 cm x Depth 0.1 cm.