The Grandparents Are Gone The Ornaments Stay Still

This acrylic belongs to the collection Up Sixties, about the relationship of the Old People with the State, the Family and the Death. I show an instrospection sight at the reality around old age and aging. Here the wisdom, tenderness and longing of the old people prevail. My little grandparents’ house, decorated with glassware from chests, European ballet dancer dolls, Japanese princesses, Chinese good luck dolls, colored cups, bronze clocks, papyrus, leather armchairs, lounge rocking chairs, circular paintings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, cow-wood wardrobes, paintings of beautiful 18th-century women, a radiola, still life paints and a fan turquoise. All of them have been my friends, friends from the past, every time I return to my grandparents’ house, all of them remain immovable, as if it was done by a creator of atmospheres, the years do not pass by them, even though their owners are gone.

Year                                 2016
Materials                       Acrylic on canvas

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