The Etchery of Trimmages

I have known the Magritte painting 'The Treachery of Images' 1929 for many many years. I decided in 2010 to make an homage to this seminal 20th century artwork, prompted by the re-discovery of a small Mannekin Pis figure that I purchased on a visit to Brussels as a child, and also that I was trying to quit smoking at the time. My research led me to understand that 'Une pipe' is slang for a blow-job in French, which Magritte may or may not have intended. However, this gave me a lead into the world of the 'oral' (tobacco pipe, blow-job, uttered words) . I am dyslexic, and I wrote words backwards as a child, and found cursive writing impossible. To this day I write in block capitals as it's easier for me. I decided for this work to mimic the title as painted by Magritte, but to execute it backwards. I also added the French word 'toxique' in reference to the damaging effects of smoking. I signed the work 'Magrippe' or 'my flu' in French. I finally topped the artwork with my orange and black overpainted Mannekin Pis figurine, in further homage to this famous Brussels landmark.

Year                                 2010
Materials                       Hardened modelling clay, Mannekin Pis brass figurine, wood, clear plexiglass, paint

Additional information

Dimensions Height 35 cm x Width 31 cm x Depth 9 cm.