This acrylic belongs to the collection Up Sixties, about the relationship of the Old People with the State, the Family and Death. I show an introspection sight at the reality around old age and aging. Here the wisdom, tenderness and longing of the old people prevail. Taking a shower could well be the best time to start or end the day, because one unloads everything heavy and lets it go down the drain, being clean, with a fresh head, perhaps ready to take a nap or sleep until the next day. However, when old people takes a shower can become a real ordeal if one takes into account the gradation of the water temperature, the sensation of cold in the body, incontinence and the deterioration of psychomotor functions. It reaches the point that many times the sons/daughter bathe their parents, because they cannot do it on their own. Particularly, the situation becomes uncomfortable if there is a case in which a daughter assists her father, taking into account our patriarchal society. However, there is no other option.

Year                                 2016
Materials                       Acrylic on canvas

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