Tackle the unknown

Storytelling: The emptiness and exhaustion from the extensive six to ten hours work cause the vulnerability strike. Her house is full of boxes, packaging paper she moves from the previous space. Pieces of books collection, the bags of refilled bottles are scattered in the living room.
A deer visits; he is locally inhabited in the wild forest beside her house. He is a familiar visitor. The little bird is already befriended with her furniture. She hangs the cherry for her spontaneous guests. She likes her five pots of green leaves lining up showing different types of leaves. The blue lake hot-spring pool is attached to the house like a complimentary gift. Her deer friend drinks and be-around the living space so often. He holds the key to something. The key is hung on his beautiful slimy horn. The gray-black simple key, will it open or unlock the wardrobe, the window, the house gate or a small cupboard. She does not know.
Reach it, grab it, take it out
She hold this key
The deer turns around
Bird steps to the electric wire, noticing the movement
TV is on in the muted mode
The silent waves it sounds
The unknown key… either unlock or open she will manage through.
She knows how to tackle the unknown.
It is already in her center of attention.

Year                                 2023
Materials                       Acrylic-gouache on canvas

Additional information

Dimensions Height 70 cm x Width 90 cm x Depth 4 cm.