Sweet Alice

With the whispers of leaves, flora and fauna cascading down your windowpane, looking out onto the vast fields of greenery. Like velvety green carpets sweeping over hill tops. The view from your window (metaphorically speaking) can take it’s form with shrubs and creepers growing in the wilderness and cities. That feeling of clear skies looking through a frames window-glass of showering elegance, whichever way you decide to ‘dress it.’ Dreaming of childhood stories and how Alice in Wonderland could take her mind to so many dark places, or indeed the depths of joy with a simple vision. Taking her mind back to a clear view to bring her vision back to focus. Up through ‘the rabbit hole’ she goes, on firm ground where the light beams, Alice returns to her place of clarity on a joyous sunny day, drinking on a nice cup of aroma filled, floral sweet tea.

Year                                 2020
Materials                       Oil on canvas and 24 Carat gold leaf

Additional information

Dimensions Height 45.72 cm x Width 60.96 cm x Depth 2 cm.