Spider Twins

In this painting I used the decalcomania technique to start with trying to make it symmetric. The background is very difficult to know which color is it, something in between blue and green that I used a lot at that time. I decided to treat the stain with a mixture of well-defined marks and others very subtle using gold and silver color that I love.

A big spider face popped out to me at the beginning, but while I was working two baby like figures started to appear, one opposite to the other with a different kind of weapon on their hands. Strange enough even for me, unconscious is a strange place. I started to imagine a story, something about twin gods born form a spider that fight or protect each other.

To finish it I put some epoxy resin plaques mixed with color. It was fun to put the red eyes and figure out how to make the teeth of spider, just breaking some of them. It frames the figure and I think gives it a kind of sacred thing.

Year                                 2022
Materials                       Mixed media

Additional information

Dimensions Height 80 cm x Width 80 cm x Depth 3 cm.