Shiny landscape A

Although every piece of art I create is a reflection in itself (it starts or is born analogous and vanishes well-intended… it is the attention time I can devote to things), it does not match the meaning of the word per se.
Facing the canvas, the brushes and the acrylics, I find myself alone and comfortable, and I am quite demanding when contemplating my ideas, captured beforehand on the white canvas. The work is born hasty, clumsy.

Nearly adrift, but with clear goals. Over the years, the works have become more and more complex, and have broken free from every self-imposed cliché, from programmed maps or models I could not pursue. Moreover, they were not part of anything but a complete process of evolution, either of the work itself or of its constituent parts, the colorimetry, its plastics and its planes. I consider that, above all, the planes have changed and improved in each work year after year, swinging from the complete disappearance of spatiality to abstraction per se, bordering on expressionism.

Year                                 2022
Materials                       Acrylic on canvas

Additional information

Dimensions Height 135 cm x Width 160 cm x Depth 2.9 cm.