Masterpiece Title RNA Branching

Tectonic made by organic on inversion Oil inverted in fog effect capsulated oxygen particles in color on the blurred canvas

a unique and masterpiece made by the artist Eduardo Vidal

Reflects in the intellectual evolutionary concept the Branching of RNA
triangularity and evolution on ramification of genetics, hologroups in their composition and biometrics in asymmetric configuration

It is the shape adaptability over time. It is connected with a nucleic acid energy source for its expandability, growth and transferability.

It is a symbiosis and a concept reflects, Vidal relates, the key to its organic genetic modification in its evolutionary channel generates failures in the biometric system and not all hologroups in their amiciod mutation do not have equilibrium compatibility, generating in many cases an increase or decrease in the protein ribosomes generates the body

The work reflects where and in the future the field of molecular medicine is where it has to modify to attack the biological configuration for sustainability and balance of amino acids generated in evolutionary stages of human development.

Year                                 2023
Materials                       OLEO

Additional information

Dimensions Height 92 cm x Width 73 cm x Depth 5 cm.