Réveiller Blue

The acrylic is warmed by a thermal process of molecular interaction changing the original state of it and hand modeled after with thermic gloves. There is only an instant to model the acrylic before the material returns to its rigid initial state, that is why this sculpture is an unrepeatable and unique piece. In this work I like to express movement, to transform an inert material into an object that reflects life, connecting to the shapes of organic forms that expand into an imaginary realm. Living organisms that perform in flowing unpredictable undulations, guided by a dynamic and free-generated energy. I am inspired from the shapes of flowers, forest lianas, butterflies, and the flight of the birds. I am also interested on the movement of the water and the air. I am amazed of the phenomenon of nature and its infinite expansion. I want to capture the inner energy that lies within. I discover in them the reflection and mysteries of the universe.

Year                                 2021
Materials                       Acrylic

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