Red Stallion

Red is the colour of power, sacrifice, danger, life, death, health, love, courage and war. In Soviet times and throughout war, armies employed more than six million horses for their ground force cavalry troops. These troops would drink afternoon tea either hot or cold and brewed sweet. Legends have it that before Soviet times, people first came into contact with tea in 1567. Apart from a small snippet of history of tea in Soviet war times, soldiers would sit on their horses drinking tea to quench their thirst, discussing their next step in their ‘war games’. Despite the crushing fatalities of war, tea was the one thing that brought all those in need of a break, together. Taryn has called this teapot ‘Red Stallion’ in remembrance of all those who have fought in wars throughout the world in history and even in our current times. Her Great Grandfathers who fought, flew and sacrificed their lives for their county with all their vigor and might certainly enjoyed ‘a nice cup of tea’. There is no doubt they would have shared a hot brew at any given time of the day to relax their nerves. Tea and horses were and still are the mighty God given delicacy to this earth, no matter what war brings to us all.

Year                                 2020
Materials                       Oil on canvas and 24 Carat gold leaf

Additional information

Dimensions Height 45.72 cm x Width 60.96 cm x Depth 2 cm.