Material: Soft (Yarn,Paper,B&W Paper)

Perfection is part of the series "Pertenencia" (“Belonging”). 

“Belonging” mixes photography and hand embroidery. The mix of two mediums and elements that doesn’t belong each other is the searching for "a self" between the familiar and unfamiliar. 

The distortion of the reality dependent of the individual perception – and the seek in the symbolism of the known. 

The inner representation of two worlds that are looking to find the complement and individualism reflected in other and within. 

The inner fight for understanding and being understood, to fit, to be hear, fear to fear and to fear to love itself. 

The fear to belong or not, and hide. 
To hide behind the stereotypes and social roles,  and to find the excuse to reject the unknown, and the different – "That" that doesn't belong in our own criteria and judgment influenced by the masses. 

*Fine art print on 100% cotton and hand embroidery
Photo and edition by Rocha

Year                                 2022
Materials                       Hand embroidery on fine art photography

Additional information

Dimensions Height 58 cm x Width 40.5 cm x Depth 0.1 cm.