Peaceful And Elusive in The Jungle At Night

This acrilyc belongs to Selva Fauna Project about Amazonian nature and the “humanity” of its animal species. These have a gesture that is typical of their species, of their peculiar way of being in the world, but that at the same time appeals to and reflects our humanity. In the myths of the Amazon there is constant talk of a mythical era in which humans and beasts spoke a common language and where the borders between humanity and animality almost did not exist and were even sometimes invisible. The Sachavaca can weigh up to 200 kg, its meat is delicious and desired not only by humans, but also by black alligators, jaguars, pumas and the green anaconda. This mammal has poor vision and that highlights its insecurity, always moving alert. When it feels threatened, it flees, attacking everything in its path, trying to reach a lagoon or river, as they are excellent swimmers. They allow themselves to be seen at night, and they like to sleep on the banks, taking advantage of the moist soil. Despite being a large animal, it prefers to feed on leaves, branches, fruits, grasses and aquatic plants, always using its mobile nose to distinguish its food and to detect possible predators. Despite its appearance, the sachavaca is peaceful and has solitary habits, it reproduces little and only in summer.

Year                                 2018
Materials                       Acrylic on canvas

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