One Finally Gets Out

Painted for Art Mile 2020. Art Mile is a city-wide art exhibition that showcases hundreds of Detroit artists through the curation of over 50 Detroit galleries. This work was represented by Hard Gallery in conjunction with 8 other selected Detroit artists.

One Finally Gets Out was my first foray into this organic-worm style that I explored briefly in 2020. Shapes that to me represent the unrestricted strings of thought and expression that we are able to release into the world from time to time. Although we have the literal freedom to express our thoughts, idea, and emotions whenever we want, but social and economic structures and systems we live in can often limit us from those potentials.

Year                                 2020
Materials                       Acrylic on cotton canvas

Additional information

Dimensions Height 91.44 cm x Width 121.92 cm x Depth 3.8 cm.