Oil and Water #1

I got the idea for this piece while I was cooking. Adding oil to food until it occurred to me to layer oils into a piece of artwork. I fiddled with a wide variety of oils from common olive oil to even motor oils. Then, I painted 1 oil at a time in petri dishes filled with water, while layering in each oil at a time on top of each other. For this piece to be made, it requires 5 different types of oil for the center and 1 oil each for the side using complimentary colors within oil. For me experimentation is everything when it comes to my artwork, I go in with a rough idea and just run with it and through my experiments whether they succeed or fail at the end of it all I will learn something regardless ready to use what I learned into my next experiment.

Year                                 2019
Materials                       White Aluminum Metal Print

Additional information

Dimensions Height 20 cm x Width 30 cm.