Oh Freedoom

A woman in a garden and the word freedom was written on her skin in "Arabic: HURRIYA". Furthermore, You will see the Arabic letter “ن” (pronounced as nōōn and equivalent the letter N) every where in the garden: on the ground and moving-up/out. The Arabic letter “ن =nōōn” uses in the grammar for plural feminineness and it is named “nōōn-alneswa”, which means women’s N. Therefore, I employed this letter “ن=nōōn” as a symbolic for women right of freedom. In addition, I used symbols of peace: the olive branch on the woman's hair and the dove on her hand as. Overall, the artwork expressed my self as a women who is searching and seeking for freedom and peace. I used lively colours to say that a meaningful life needs freedom and peace.

Year                                 2023
Materials                       digital painting printed on canvas

Additional information

Dimensions Height 101.6 cm x Width 76.2 cm.