No Hype, No Ganksy

GANksy is an AI program born into the cloud late 2020 that had undergone a training regime being ‘fed’ by using hundreds of street art photos creating a neural network known as StyleGAN2; ‘Ganksy’. Ganksy has created thousands of iterations of Banksy’s style street art of which all of the originals are derived from its understanding of shape, form and texture. I found this fascinating and Im a big Banksy fan. Banksy is known for a lot of things including his fascination with chimps and rats figuring prominently as characters central to many themes in multiple works. The chimp in a headset is a renowned street image and the laugh now but some day we’ll be in charge kept looping in my mind so I figured I would take a crack at my own version. In this iteration the chimp is meant to be the programmer of the GAN2 who has now taken a back seat to the AI that has taken over. The abstract background is what I believe code would look like if it was expressed solely in color and patterns. No Hype…No GANksy…a Jenny INKsy.

Year                                 2021
Materials                       Acrylic on canvas

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